She's only 11!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 23rd November 2011

Alicia Hayden, 11, is the winner of the Poetry & Prose category of WWF’s My True Nature online competition with her poem . . .



First, I took amber and fire
And I had his eyes.

Then I took sunset and dawn
And I had his coat.

I added charcoal and ink
And I had his spots.

Next I took needles and pins
And I had his claws.

Then I took strength and the stars
And I had his teeth.

I added leather and roses
And I had his tongue.

Next I took wire and sensitivity
And I had his whiskers.

Then I took rain and peaches
And I had his nose.

I added rope and balance
And I had his tail.

Next I took wisdom and dignity
And I had his head.

I took pride from the Lion,
Speed from the Cheetah,
Strength from the Ox...

And then I had him.
I had the Leopard.


Remember the name - she may well be an author to watch before long!

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