Showrooming part 2

Posted by Guy Pringle, 8th December 2011

Have clipped this from Moby Lives, a website for Melville House Books who in turn credit Businessweek reporter Rachel King,

“ Inc. wants shoppers to do a price check the next time they’re at the store.

The world’s largest online retailer is offering a 5 percent discount to entice users to try its new mobile app that compares their prices with brick-and-mortar retailers. How does it work? The app, called Price Check, allows shoppers to look up Amazon’s prices by scanning physical products at a store using their phones. Customers will get the discount, as much as $5 off, on three qualifying products on Dec. 10, the Seattle-based company said today in a statement.”


OK, it's 'only' in America and it appears to be 'only' for one day and you need to have the app on your mobile phone. That it's not just bookshops somehow doesn't make me feel any better, either. As the Moby Lives headline puts it, 'Amazon offers people $15 to walk out of bookstores'.


Who will win? Amazon, Apple, google or Facebook? You might not want any of them to win, but they’re slugging it out for big stakes and you and I don’t have much of a say any more.


See for full story.

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