Damian Kelleher

Posted by Guy Pringle, 13th December 2011

Damian Kelleher, a good friend of our sister magazine - tBkmag for pre-teen readers - was on Radio 4's Front Row last night. Damian has 'deep background' in children's books and was talking about his pick of the titles available for this Christmas. And up popped VIII by Harriet - HM - Castor which will be a featured book in the March/April issue of newbooks


You don't need to take my word for whether this book is worth reading (but it is), simply put Castor into the Search facility on this very website and you'll see what other readers thought of it.


We'll shortly be posting links to other info that Ms Castor has been good enough to let us bring to your attention.


[In googling Damian's name to be sure I'd spelt it right it was intriguing to find he has an Australian doppelganger who is doing something literary down under. Wonder if he knows?]

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