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Posted by Guy Pringle, 21st December 2011

Even in this crazy run up to Christmas, when we all have more to do than is good for us it's incredible how supportive our reviewers are.


Alison has just put out a quick question in her weekly newsletter asking, How worthwhile is our index in the magazine of reviews added to the website? And back have flooded the comments – busy people taking the time to tell us what they think. How marvellous is that!


Interestingly, the consensus appears to be roughly split down the middle so for the moment we’ll continue as we are but if space is tight for something that we want to squeeze in then there’s a page we could pinch.


So it only remains to wish all our readers – reviewers or otherwise – the very, very best for Christmas and the New Year. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to providing  - much – more of the same in 2012!




The answers to the quiz are as follows:


General Book Knowledge

1 Carry On film veteran, Jim Dale, performs which book-related task in the USA which in this country is carried out by Stephen Fry?

He reads the audio version of the Harry Potter books.


2 Which one time resident of 10 Downing Street co-wrote a biography of the opera singer Joan Sutherland?

Norma Major


3 According to legend, which poet’s last words were, ‘I’ve had 18 straight whiskies, I think that’s a record’?

Dylan Thomas


4 Gilbert Markham is the narrator in which novel by Anne Bronte?

The tenant of Wildfell Hall


5 This British playwright and screenwriter was born in Hackney in 1930. His first play was published in 1957. He died on Christmas Eve 2008. Who is he?

Harold Pinter



Karen Lawrence said...

realise youve made the decision so as a tag on - I had not really noticed this page before but it does strangely excite me so going to use it now while I am logged in. will feed back.

Posted on Fri 23 Dec 2011 @ 15:42

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