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Posted by Guy Pringle, 3rd January 2012

Many readers have been kind enough to send comments of approval for the free copy of My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece which went out to UK subscribers with the last issue. I’ll single out here two slightly longer notes which may encourage you to spread the word further:


"Anyway the reason for the e-mail is to thank you (and the publisher) for sending out a copy of "My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece". This little book was a wonderful read. Sometimes funny and sometimes sad, particularly at the end when the young lad finds his beloved pet has died - a loss which for some of us is like losing a family member.  I wish the writer every success.  5 stars all round. Lone readers are likely to find they spend an enjoyable few hours of reading, whereas those in reading groups are likely to find lots of thought-provoking issues to discuss.
Best wishes
Marjorie Neilson"


And from Linda Hepworth, high up in the north Pennines


"Happy New Year, Guy, do hope you have enjoyed the festive season.
Thank you so much for this wonderful extra, which came with the last magazine. What a real gem of a book! I just couldn’t put it down once I started it, and have already read it for a second time. Whilst it is almost unbearably sad at times, it never falls into the trap of being over-sentimental; the moments of humour are wonderfully judged offering a very welcome relief from the tension of some of the more disturbing passages. The voice of 10 year old Jamie rings loud and clear, as does the underlying message of hope. In fact, all the characters are so vibrant, and even when their behaviour, and expressed views are destructive, their voices are heard and respected, and so none of them is demonised. I am recommending it to everyone who stands still long enough to listen! A real 5* book – definitely one for the adults.
All the best for the coming year,


To which I will only add that tomorrow I will report back on Saving June, another book with an urn, a mantelpiece and a family blown apart that is the equal of this book to my mind. In fact, pairing the two would make for a wonderful discussion!


Clare Donaldson said...

I agree with the comments above re "My Sister..." - the humour and pathos were finely balanced throughout (though the death of the cat was particularly emotive). I particularly liked that it had a realistic rather than happy ending, an acceptance that "satisfactory" can sometimes be okay. I would certainly recommend it to other adults.
My 15 year old daughter read it before me and was less enthusiastic. "It was far too depressing," she said, "But you'll probably like it!"
I agree that, as a crossover novel, it is equally accessible to teens and adults but, in all honesty, I think it will hold more appeal for adults. Part of the reason for this is, I believe, having a main character who is only ten years and still believes in action hereos. Adults can read that and smile, teenage girls read that and groan (well, some of them!).
Thanks to newbooks and the publishers for the opportunity to read a book I might otherwise have missed. In return, I'll spread the word!

Posted on Sat 07 Jan 2012 @ 13:53

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