Who'd a tho't it?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 12th January 2012

Did you know there's an Apostrophe Protection Society? No, neither did I but boy am I being careful typing this out. The society's chairman, John Richards, is incandescent - not surprisingly - that Waterstone's are becoming Waterstones. Apparently, that apostrophe is troublesome and out of keeping with our current digital age. 


“Waterstones without an apostrophe is, in a digital world of URLs and email addresses, a more versatile and practical spelling,” said Mr Daunt.


Signwriters nationwide are probably rubbing their hands together and waiting for similar updating elsewhere that will require their services.


Guy Pringle said...

Just thought I'd better add that the 'Who'd a tho't it?' was formerly an Inn on the southern tip of Gorrick wood, off Nine Mile Ride in Berkshire near where I used to live. Unfortunately it was flattened a few years ago to make way for new housing.

Posted on Thu 12 Jan 2012 @ 10:26

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