Thursdays in the Park by Hilary Boyd

Posted by Guy Pringle, 22nd February 2012

One of three books I agreed to read for this year’s Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance shortlisting, I really enjoyed it! (A veil will be drawn over the other two as I didn’t even make it past chapter two of either – but then I’m not exactly target market for this kind of book.)


After 30+ years of marriage and approaching her 60th birthday, Jeanie ‘suddenly’ realizes George isn’t the man for her any more. Triggered by encountering fellow grandparent, Ray, on . . . well, you’ve guessed that bit, and with a hidden secret in George’s past, the story moves along at a fair lick. Supporting characters prissy daughter Chanty (what on earth is that short for?) and feckless artist son in law Alex add a bit of spice and I raced through wanting a happy ending. Sure enough, most loose ends were duly tied. Probably not one for reading groups although the dynamics of the mother/daughter relationship might be fertile ground.


As for comedy romance - surely a difficult oeuvre - I can’t say I laughed out loud but will watch Ms Boyd’s progress with interest from now on. Not quite a debut as she’s written half a dozen non-fiction titles but quite accomplished in its field. 


Marjorie Neilson said...

According to the nine reviews (admittedly mainly women) thos book seems to be one that makes them laugh and they can't put it down - so perhaps it just did not 'tap into your feminine side'?

Oh, and I suspect Chanty is short for Chantelle.

Posted on Wed 22 Feb 2012 @ 11:50

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