Nightwalk by Chris Yates

Posted by Guy Pringle, 10th May 2012

Mr Yates hasn't appeared on my radar previously, probably because I'm not an angler, a theme that runs extensively through his media work and his writing. However, in his new book he's moved away from that interest to exploring the countryside at night and without the aid of a torch.

Book blurbs have been known to embellish the truth about  what lies within but I quote the following because it genuinely describes this book: "Time slows down for a deeper intimacy with nature and through Chris's writing we hear every rustle of a leaf, every call of a bird. He widens the power of our imagination, heightening our senses, revealing beauty in the smallest details."

I suspect we all enjoy a country walk, spotting rabbits and the occasional deer. But at night? This is the kind of book that sweeps you along and I'm wondering - seriously - about trying my own night walk (if only it would stop raining!).

One to watch.

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