May 2012: The first verdict is in!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 1st June 2012

This just in from Gilly Wood:


"Do you like reading and discussing books with like minded people? Do you like the idea of shrugging of the stresses and strains of everyday life? Would you like to relax in beautiful, peaceful surroundings? Well I did so I went to Guy's French Retreat to participate in a book group week.


It was a bit like stepping into the unknown but driving down from Calais was - dare I say - easy! As you come through the gate of Le Rieu the farmhouse immediately exudes warmth and welcome. It was exciting exploring our rooms and everyone else's on a guided tour.


The company was really friendly and easy to be with. The book discussions were lively and it was interesting to hear different points of view and interpretations. We included some of our favourite poems as well which made us laugh and gave us cause to ponder. It was cosy sitting around the log burner and sipping wine and talking - did I say sipping, we got through gallons of the stuff!


We did also have time to do some sight seeing but I didn't like to roam too far from the retreat and it was enjoyable to just wander along the lanes or go for a bike ride. How lovely it was to sit outside and talk about our books under a blue, blue sky with Buzzards circling and soaring above us and the echoing sound of the cuckoo.


And of course the wonderful Kaye. Our culinary goddess who produced the most sumptuous feasts to give us the energy to .......................relax! This was the most enjoyably relaxing holiday ever and I will certainly go again. Many thanks Guy



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