Future subjects for our A Life's Work coverage

Posted by Guy Pringle, 26th July 2010

Pamela Lewis kindly volunteered a future subject for this article we've made a feature of in recent issues


"I would like to submit Daphne Du Maurier as a suggestion for the Life's Work feature. Her books are consistently brilliant, she has a huge following and each of her books remains as readable as when they were first written. She is often chosen for book club suggestions (at least in the book clubs I am involved in) and the quality of her writing, the amazing amount of knowledge she shows in her historical novels and the diversity of her subjects for her stories are all what I consider to be valid reasons for my nomination.


Her books are loved by readers of both genders and all ages and due to her continuing popularity and the quality of her work she remains as a writer with a high profile in all forms of media. Adaptations of her novels are generally very popular and well-received by critics, which once again I can only assume is due to the high quality of her work and its continuing acceptance as relevant to people today as when they first written.


My particular favourites for recommendation are:


Jamaica Inn - amazing writing for such a young author in her first novel.


The House on the Strand - such a wonderful sense of place, time and location.


Rebecca - an example of how she can write in different genres: now we would class this as a classic murder mystery!


I hope you agree and we see Daphne Du Maurier featured in your excellent magazine some time in the future.


Best wishes,

Pamela Lewis."


To which I could only reply – an intriguing suggestion and in fact, one that we tackled way, way back in the early days of the magazine before we called it  A Life’s Work. I seem to recall we did a pretty good job of it at the time but that was then and this is now and only sad cases like me can remember that far back.


I’ll forward your suggestion to Elsbeth as she and I have been talking recently about where to take this piece in future issues. Fingers crossed but thanks once again for the suggestion.



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