The Universe vs Alex Woods

Posted by Guy Pringle, 14th November 2012

OK, I got the title the wrong way round last posting but this is a book to watch in 2013 if I have anything to do with it. I can't reveal much of the plot without risking spoiling it for you, but suffice to say that 17 year old Alex goes out of his way to help the laconic American, Mr Peterson.

The ending is truly moving and raises all kind of issues with which groups will have a ball. It also includes the weirdest reading group I've heard of yet: for reasons which will become clear this miscellaneous group of people agree - at Alex's instigation - to read the published works of Kurt Vonnegut, one book a month over 14 months. If there's a group out there that is weirder than that then I'd love to know.

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