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Posted by Guy Pringle, 22nd November 2012

Nick is not only one of our team of interviewers but also co-founder (with Liz Thomson, another of our interviewers) of BookBrunch, a book industry information website worth checking out. Necessarily, both of them really have their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of publishing and, by way of homage, I include the whole of a recent posting here.


"Would Hilary Boyd and Quercus agree with the widely held book industry view that selling ebooks for 20p is a ruinous policy?

Boyd's "gran lit" novel Thursdays in the Park has been a Kindle bestseller, in part because of its appeal to the audience that made The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel such a hit, and perhaps in even larger part because of its 20p price tag. But the paperback edition, priced at £5.59 on Amazon, is doing well too, sitting at number 19 on the Amazon chart as I write. TheBookseller reports that sales of the paperback were up 2,358% last week."


My interest was piqued because Thursdays in the Park was one of the novels I read for this year's Melissa Nathan Award - and thoroughly enjoyed it too. But Nick's point is well made - can the industry sustain such a marketing strategy if it became more widely spread? And how do you feel as an author if you were to receive 10%, say, of 20p (my calculator says that's 2p) for every such sale or would you rather the 55.9p from the paperback sale?

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