Eye Contact by Fergus McNeill

Posted by Guy Pringle, 21st June 2013

Just finished Eye Contact ahead of meeting Fergus this afternoon (as prep to tomorrow’s readers day) – and delighted to say Rose was absolutely right; it’s a cracking read!


Graham Harland is set to be another police Detective on your screens very soon with issues galore on his plate. Bereavement, anger management, counseling and a boss who’s a . . . well, insert rude word here.


Plus, the murderer – who is known to us from the off - is a devious criminal brain. Set in Bristol, Winchester, West Meon (!) and London with a mention of Salisbury, Fergus has capitalized on his local knowledge – he lives in Southampton.


Recommended and really looking forward to his session tomorrow.


Mandy Jenkinson said...

Not sure I would have chosen to read this, but after his talk am really intrigued so have ordered from the library! Really enjoyed listening to him.

Posted on Sat 29 Jun 2013 @ 15:16

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