Naugahyde part two

Posted by Guy Pringle, 6th August 2010

Having finished All Quiet of the Western Front – brilliant, don’t put off reading it – I’ve moved on to The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman. This is a graphic novel about the Holocaust and equally as gripping as All Quiet although its a very different experience to reading a conventional novel.

Using his father’s recollections as source material, Spiegelman is honest enough to include his own thoughts on the morality of doing so. The father/son relationship is touchingly conveyed and I can’t help but wonder whether all male children have conflicting relationships with their fathers in adult life.

Suffice to say, I’m finding Maus gripping and, because of its picture narrative, was racing through until I got to page 71. His Dad has thrown away Art’s much loved overcoat and replaces it with . . . a Naugahyde windbreaker!

There’s no great narrative significance to this – it was just that only days ago I wrote here about finding that same word in the Marrowbone Marble Company, long after first wondering about its meaning way back in a 60s Monkees lyric.

I’m not a great one for coincidence but have to admit to a frisson of surprise at discovering this word again so soon after its reappearance.

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