The verdict's in - and it's good (well, the first one).

Posted by Guy Pringle, 14th October 2010

Mandy Jenkinson, reviewer of this parish had the following to say about our very first Readers Gathering:

'I love reading. Books are my passion. I love reading them, discovering new ones, thinking about them, talking about them and discussing them with like-minded people - or even unlike-minded people if necessary!

I also love travelling. I enjoy seeing new places, discovering places of interest and learning about other cultures and ways of life. Even a trip to the supermarket is a joy rather than a chore in a different country as far as I am concerned!

So a combination of my two main interests promised well for a good holiday. Add to the mix an extremely comfortable and well-equipped gite in peaceful rural France, excellent food prepared by an expert cook and the company of a group of people who are interested in the same things as me and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share (and who also happen to be extremely nice people and excellent company) and you have the makings of a pretty much perfect holiday.

And that's what this first Reading Retreat was for me. From the discussions about the chosen books each morning, to exploring the local area, to the wonderful evening meals and dinner-table conversations - all combined to make the week a complete success.  I hope this will be just the first of many equally great reading retreats at Le Rieu.

Thanks Guy, for your efforts in making it such a fantastic week.


Mandy Jenkinson

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