What a very nice man!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 18th October 2010

A happy wife tends to mean a happy husband, and as Mandy's previous comments were certainly of a positive nature then I had hopes that Mike might be so, too. In fact, he's done us proud with the following:

"As someone who is used to rushing off to see sights, the Reading Retreat at Le Rieu was one of the most relaxing holidays that I've had in recent times.  I'm an occasional reader, not a book group member, and was happy in my role as driver for this trip. I planned to spend most of the week catching up on D-Day sites, so quite surprised myself by wanting to join in all the discussion days; and having read a few of the featured books I was inspired to read more. As well as the book reviews the discussions ranged over film/TV adaption and history - subjects which are much more my forte - and often this carried over into relaxed evening meals.   We still did some D-Day visits during free afternoons, but on a couple of occasions simply stayed around the gite, sitting out with book and  beer  to enjoy the peace and quiet of the rural setting. A firm recommendation from me."  Mike Jenkinson


In deciding to start the Readers Gatrherings, one of my major concerns was about providing entertainment for accompanying partners who weren't necessarily such passionate readers. Undoubtedly the war theme helped, especially with so many historic sites nearby but Mike was so amenable that I think he would have been a brilliant addition to any gathering as long as at least some of the books appealed.

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