Once a lonely traveller . . .

Posted by Guy Pringle, 19th October 2010

Judy Gillespie signed up for our Reviewers Conference back in April, but a certain volcano meant she was unable to fly out of Edinburgh. Undaunted, this time she resorted to bus and train as being more likely to get her to her destination.


"Leaving Dundee at 6.05am on a dark and rainy morning I did wonder if I'd done the right thing.  But I had.  The week was most enjoyable, the company friendly and knowledgeable and the board and lodging excellent.  The rain in the first few days meant we weren't deflected from our discussions by tempting sunshine and as the weather got better we could enjoy the history and countryside on offer.  I wondered if I'd feel odd, being on my own but the other couples were welcoming and generously included me in outings.  I'd love to go again sometime in the future.  I've now got the new newbooks magazine to enjoy and more books to put on my wishlist."   Judy Gillespie

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