Mr Perfect

Posted by Guy Pringle, 20th October 2010

Steve Jarvis, by his own admission (see below) came along for the ride but found more to entertain and engage than expected. Better still - because I am no cookist - Steve volunteered to supervise the final heating of Kaye's prepared dishes, delivered in late afternoon.


"I attended the reading week in Normandy with some trepidation. I am a casual reader of novels, preferring non-fiction. When I do succumb, I usually try to find something light for holiday reading. I have never attended a reading group meeting, being banished to my computer whenever my wife is hosting.


However, I thought I would make an effort and try to read the set titles. The graphic novel Maus was a step too far but I managed to get through the rest of the books, albeit completing Regeneration a day before we were due to discuss it.


I intended sitting in and listening at the first session or two, thereafter finding a quiet corner on my own or going for a walk. But I actually found I was able to contribute to the discussions and enjoyed the interaction.


The balance of the programme was judged perfectly by Guy, with time to ourselves in the afternoon, but congregating again in the evening for lively discussion over the tasty evening meals supplied by Kaye.


The whole week was a pleasurable eye-opener to me and I want to go back. Guy has given himself a challenge – he knows that he needs to find another blend of books that will appeal not only to his regular nb readers but also to partners who may have a different perspective on book reading."    Steve Jarvis, Andover, Hants


Not many husbands are described - unironically - as 'perfect' by their wives 20 years into a marriage but Steve's sunny nature and willingness to get involved made him a joy to have there - Mr Perfect indeed.

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