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Posted by Guy Pringle, 7th January 2011

I've had the good fortune to sneak away for some winter sun and found myself a quiet corner with a pile of books. So to get my journal entries off to a cracking start for 2011, I can already claim to have finished The Fountainhead/Ayn Rand – loved it although a little didactic in parts; That Summer in Ischia/Penny Feeny of which you will hear more later this year but enjoyed it; Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Truman Capote – preparation for our Readers Gathering and as good as I’d hoped it would be; The Help/Kathryn Stockett as I felt I needed to know what all the Book of the Year fuss was about and now I can see why; Hypothermia/Arnoldur Indridason (nb60)  which started slow but gradually gripped and, finally, just started Annie Proulx’s Close Range for Brokeback Mountain, verdict to follow.


Suspect I’m making myself a hostage to fortune as I’ll struggle to keep this up but over to you, Mandy!


Mandy Jenkinson said...

Now do I have to actually have read these books for the challenge? or just know about them?
because I haven't read the Feeny and I don't read crime so not the Indridason!!
So have I fallen at the first hurdle? Oh the shame if I have.....

Posted on Fri 07 Jan 2011 @ 15:51

Guy Pringle said...

No, not at all - in fact the Feeny's a proof so would be unfair to even expect it. Am also worried just how many books you do get through but suspect I'm just about to find out - as I said, stoopid, stoopid, stoopid (but it's of my own doing!).

Posted on Fri 07 Jan 2011 @ 16:17

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