Libraries Day of Action coming up - Sat Feb 5th

Posted by Guy Pringle, 31st January 2011

These are difficult times for the world of libraries and our many friends therein. Thank heavens the great and the good seem to be galvanising some kind of mass reaction.


Ten days ago Philip Pullman gave an impassioned speech in Oxfordshire where the current plan is to close 20 of the county’s 43 public libraries. I urge you to read his speech in its entirety at or simply google 'Philip Pullman on libraries' to track it down.


Feb 5th is a planned day of action in support of libraries that you may well have already in your diary, but it doesn’t stop there. Please look out for others.


As Mr Pullman says in closing, ‘Leave the libraries alone. You don’t know the value of what you’re looking after. It is too precious to destroy.’


AlexCap said...

The Library was my lifeblood as a child of parents who just didn't have the money to buy books. It's horrific to think that millions of children will potentially lose the opportunity to discover the magic of the written word and all the additional advantages that reading bestows. Isn't education, which let's be clear, libraries are a huge part of, supposed to be one of the main tenets of the 'Big Society'?

Posted on Thu 03 Feb 2011 @ 13:20

Marjorie said...

There is a map on The Guardian website of the 400 libraries that are under threat and where various authors are holding read-ins, appearances and story telling. There is also mention of a petition being presented to the Scottish Parliament. My local library is not under threat (yet), but lots of other groups and charities are.


Posted on Fri 04 Feb 2011 @ 16:07

Marge said...

Way to go on this essay, helped a ton.

Posted on Mon 17 Oct 2011 @ 08:50

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