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Posted by Guy Pringle, 4th February 2011

On the day before a national day of protest in the UK about library cuts it seemed eerie to read the following on the MobyLives blog 

'In a week that’s been described as chaotic and now violent, the unrest in Egypt seems not to have given way to the large-scale looting of libraries. In fact, the protests seems to have brought out the best in Egypt’s citizens, who are banding themselves together to protect their literary treasures.'

Apparently, the library director of the Bibliotheca Alexandria praised the citizens of Alexandria for coming together to protect the library in the face of confusion and disorder gripping the country due to growing violence. “The library is safe thanks to Egypt’s youth,” he said.

And now, even after a week that has seen a violent turn of events, the new threats have not deterred these volunteers from keeping their posts.'


So what is it that is so obviously worth protecting to Egyptians that isn't apparent to us?


Marjorie said...

It may be that it is not just a local library, but an international one, including an arts centre, it holds very rare documents and is a huge cultural centre including the following picked up from its website:
The New Library of Alexandria also hosts a number of institutions:
The number is growing and the Library of Alexandria is becoming the nerve center of many international and regional networks.

◦The Academia Bibliotheca Alexandrinae (ABA)
◦Arabic Society for Ethics in Science & Technology (ASEST)
◦The Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures, the first Euro–Med foundation based outside Europe
◦The Institute for Peace Studies (IPS) of the Suzanne Mubarak Women for Peace Movement
◦The HCM Medical Research project (located in Shallalat premises)
◦The Jean-René Dupuy Center for Law and Development
◦The Arab Regiona l Office of the Academy of Science for the Developing World (ARO-TWAS)
◦The International Federation for Library Associations (IFLA) Regional Office
◦The Secretariat of the Arab National Commissions of UNESCO
◦The Middle Eastern and North African Network for Environmental Economics (MENANEE)
◦The Arab Network for Women in Science and Technology (ANWST)


Posted on Fri 04 Feb 2011 @ 15:59

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