World Book Night 2

Posted by Guy Pringle, 14th March 2011

Debbie Davies understands Twitter - which I don't - and that's a good thing because she represents newbooks to the Twitterati (see what I did there?). Remarkably, in a matter of months, and particularly since Christmas, she has taken the number of our/her followers stratospheric. OK, not Stephen Fry stratospheric but each week she breezes in to report another significant number has tumbled, the latest being 5,000 followers.

This has to be in no small part a result of Debbie's enthusiasm for the worlds of both books and technology - she even downloaded our debut supplement onto her Kindle! Anyway, this community thrives on events and there has been nothing recently to outshine World Book Night which led Debbie to forward some interesting stories, the first being a blog you'll find at


While I am unlikely to fully embrace the world of Twitter there's no gainsaying the reach it offers us passionate readers. Now if only somebody could find the solution to spam . . .

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