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Posted by Guy Pringle, 3rd January 2012

The following greetings from Canada allow me to at least keep my New Year’s resolution to blog more regularly (well, at least for the first week of 2012).


“Hello Guy,

Happy New Year!

Regarding Elsbeth's queries about reading gratification during tough times:

For myself, I have no willpower whatsoever to delay my reading gratification. If I come across the title of a book that interests me (which of course happens frequently when perusing the pages of newbooks magazine!)  I immediately make note of it and am off to the bookstores in very short order to secure said book and place it lovingly on one of my shelves at home. My husband laid down the law last year and insisted I make use of the library instead, a fifteen-minute drive from home. I did this faithfully until this past September when I arrived there one day to find it shut due to a "facility issue", which turned out to be a bedbug problem. It has since re-opened, but I have not set foot in it again. The thought of perhaps introducing bedbugs to my home gives me the shivers. So ... during tough economic times I do buy books, but don't really buy much else besides food and the occasional new item of clothing.

As for the bookclub I belonged to, they've always been a thrifty bunch and won't even consider a title if there aren't multiple copies available in the library. This hard line means that we very seldom read anything recent, as there are always long wait times for the newer books.



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