The Laundry goes live!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 21st July 2010

This probably doesn't mean much to you but for me to be able to say that there is now a communal laundry at the Reading Retreat is both an achievement and a relief.

When I go on holiday I take enough clothes to last me for the duration. Even going somewhere by plane for 2 weeks I'd rather squeeze in the necessary than have to give up some of my paid-for-holiday-time rinsing things out and hoping they don't look too wrinkled.

Obviously, I am not like other people - something I think I already knew - because having only one washing machine exclusive to one gite was on the verge of becoming 'an issue'.

With the school holiday visitors due to arrive I am delighted to announce that there will be a further washing machine on site when I visit in early August - assuming I can fit my machine here in the UK into my car. (All that remains is to find the funds with which to buy a replacement.)

While I'm on this point, we have a strong eco/carbon/planet-saving ethos developing at le Rieu. I'm told that 'wash balls' allied with sensible use of Ecover washing powder will be kind to my skin and that dolphins will thank me in years to come. So be it.

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