Adelaide writers week 2012 - Sue Harmer

Posted by Madelaine Smith, 13th March 2012

A blog post in the form of an email from my friend Sue attending Adelaide Writers' Week - send from her ipad


I'm in Adelaide for Writers Week. It's been a couple of years since I was last at this event and this year, it has had a makeover - new director, new committee, new configuration of the space and it seems to be working very well.  So much, its now an annual event.


Crowds have grown, it's still a free event, with amazing writers.  Poetry aplenty with an Irishman, Dennis O'Driscoll, having us laughing out loud, sighing and crying.  Check out his website, he read 2 poems from his website, missing God and Someone, this afternoon.  I missed him on Sat and he flies home to Dublin tomorrow but promises to be back. Michael Hulse writes beautiful love poetry and has a mellifluous voice.

Gillian Mears spoke this morning and I found myself quietly weeping as she spoke about her novel, Foals bread and, not related to the novel, euthanasia (she is 48 and has MS, is mostly confined to a wheelchair.  The disease is visible in her hand and arm movements and there are hints of it in her speech).

Have "discovered" Jo Nesbo, a not so tall Norwegian who is imaginative, amusing, scary all in one.  Also a Columbian, Juan Gabriel Vasquez, a German, Jenny Erpenbeck and it's only day 3 (half-way point).

The festival is also on but I haven't got myself sorted to see or do anything more than Writers Week and catching up with friends. Friday was opening night with moriconne's concert drowned out in parts by the sounds of engines from the Clipsal 500 car race on the other side of town - the Premier had to call the race organizers to delay the race...the week before, the Adelaide symphony was competing with the crowd at the cricket...symphony finishes with 1812 overture with cannon and fireworks by which time the cricket was well over - SA won, so everyone was happy!

Most of the writers here seem to be on an antipodes tour, Asia then Perth, Adelaide, Wellington with interludes in other capital cities doing publicity for latest releases.

Battery power is fading so better close,



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