A peculiar lack of imagination?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 11th December 2012

I guess it was inevitable that the Guardian would come up with a piece like this - http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/shortcuts/2012/dec/09/learn-to-write-erotica-centaurs


What I found depressing when I MC'd Gosport's reading group quiz last Thursday was a display of recently published erotic titles. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against erotica. Nor do I have anything against Gosport Discovery Centre which is a fine example of how the library service should be run.


No, it was that on this table top were the cream of the me-too efforts of major publishers. Uniformly, they all had highly derivative covers obviously influenced by 50 Shades of Grey. Whether you've read it or not you can't have escaped those silvery grey images on a black background which even made it into supermarkets.


Yes, publishing is an industry and this blip may well have subsidised the arrival of books you would rather be reading but a little more imagination could have been employed, methinks.


PS The qiuiz was great fun!


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