The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead pt 1

Posted by Guy Pringle, 18th September 2010

I’m not an author - and have no desire to write a book – but, as you should be aware by now, I am a passionate reader. So when Sandra Rabiasz of RBWM asked for our support for an October promotion I was happy to offer the following (which I'm stretching over 3 blogs!)


What is your desert island book?

My Bank Statements by Roy Plomley would be an interesting read, particularly since I suspect royalty payments are still flowing into his estate. And, of course, the companion piece, Just a Minute but Loadsamoney by Ian Messiter would probably be as enthralling.


However, rather than choosing a book I would jump to the single luxury you’re allowed (by law) and opt for an Apple iPad so that I could take a multitude of books and have other entertainments available as well. (The island has broadband, right?)


Now this flippant choice reveals something far more significant about 21st century culture: since 2000 I have done a complete volte face. As a print and paper man through and through, I laughed in the face of those who foretold the advent of electronic readers. But there’s no disputing that the very clever TV advert for the Amazon Kindle is clearly positioning their product as the present from [gadget loving] him to [book lover] her this Christmas. I suspect many women will once again wheel out that ‘grateful expression’ on December 25th but wish they’d had the £109 to spend on books instead.


Nevertheless, they will try it and there’s a fair chance they will find times when it comes into its own – holidays, rather than lugging a bag full of books through customs? Make no mistake, these things are here to stay and you might as well stop being a Luddite and, when you get the chance, give it a try. Feedback to date suggests that readers who have them – particularly female readers – don’t give up on books but use the convenience of their e-reader when it suits.


It's about time we had some feedback on how our readers are finding this new technology so please feel free to comment.


Carolyn Fraser said...

I bought an e reader in May and used it both times I went on holiday this year. Also I often travel to London with work and use it then, however I did not buy it as a book substitute. For me, nothing beats the feel of a paperback book, so I only use my ereader to cut down on luggage on holiday and for convenience when travelling

Posted on Fri 15 Oct 2010 @ 12:30

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