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Posted by Guy Pringle, 7th July 2010

The What We're Reading page in the magazine is regularly praised when our readers tell us what they think of newbooks. So our spanking new website is the obvious place to add further information about the books we're loving - and not - and who knows, spark some debate about what's worth seeking out (or avoiding!).

Re-reading is something I do too rarely these days so it was a revelation to find I'd picked up Border Songs by Jim Lynch for a second time. I raved about his debut - The Highest Tide - and would like to think I had a hand in getting it onto a Richard & Judy list.

Unfortunately, Tide failed to catch the public imagination and I thought that was his fifteen minutes. Not so, because Border Songs - an even chunkier book and, it has to be said, substantially quirkier than Tide, came out in hardback last year and in paperback this month.

To date, though, I haven't seen any coverage of the new title which is all the more reason to bang the drum here. Please note: this book probably won't work for your reading group (although I'd love to know if it does) but as a personal read I'd love to see it succeed. Brandon Vanderkool is a young Border Patrolman trying to stop cannabis being smuggled from Canada to the US - that's the job description but in fact he's a gentle giant and semi-autistic to boot with an ear for birdsong, hence Border Songs, yes?



Clare Donaldson said...

Sorry, not familiar with Jim Lynch's work so can't comment on your post.
Followed a link over here to the new site which is looking very fresh - couldn't resist the lure of a white page so I had to write something!
Thanks to a heads up in the mag I recently read Yann Mantel's, "Beatrice and Virgil" - inspirational. (I've not yet read "The Life of Pi" but it is now on my list.)
Hope the website takes off - the last time I posted I think I was talking to myself!

Posted on Wed 07 Jul 2010 @ 22:27

Clare Donaldson said...

BTW, that should be Yann Martel of course!

Posted on Wed 07 Jul 2010 @ 23:26

guy said...

Thanks and welcome, Clare! As well as being our first correspondent, I think you are also the proud owner of our first typo AND our first self-correction - so a triple first!

Posted on Wed 21 Jul 2010 @ 17:08

Jan howard said...

I have just read Murder in the Marais by Cara Black. An excellent read set in Paris, 50 years after the 2nd World war and deals with a current murder which is connected to the past. The female private investigator and her side kick, are believable characters who get embroiled in this story of love, betrayal and cover up. The storyline moves quickly and describes Paris well, a thoroughly good read, for detective story lovers.

Posted on Fri 30 Jul 2010 @ 14:03

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