There, their or they're?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 16th February 2011

I've been gently taken to task by Liz Holliday:
I was having a look at your website when I came across this - I think it's a typo, not a joke?
"I mention the publisher because I had a rye smile when I saw them credited in the foreword of Andrea Levy's The Long Song as one of the 'best publishing  houses in Britain'."
(It's the 'rye' that's the problem!)
All best,


And my reply?

Oooops! And me a former English teacher! Yes, Liz, it is a typo and I will endeavour to change it asap. Thinking back I had a feeling all was not quite right when I wrote it but was too lazy to pick up a dictionary and check.


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