Bargains at Lidl!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 28th February 2011

Pam Mayhew was kind enough to alert me to the following:


Hello Guy,


I was doing my weekly supermarket shop on Friday in Lidl and was browsing along the special offers of the week, when I came across paperback books for £1.49. Of course, I couldn't resist, but to my amazement the book on top of the pile was Altered Land by Jules Hardy, which you have often mentioned but which I had never read and had not been able to find anywhere else.


Thought you might be interested to know. These special offers are very hit and miss and the same book selection may not be available in all their branches but it may be worth a visit if you have a branch near by. The offers always finish on a Wednesday.




To which I duly replied:



Good to know I have spread my passion for this book so far and wide (although a shame that it’s reduced to a fraction of its value.) The daughter of another fan of Altered Land was good enough to send me her mother’s copy when she passed on and I am due to reread it very shortly for our next readers gathering. Fingers crossed it’s as good as I remember it!



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