Books in the media

Posted by Guy Pringle, 29th November 2010

This weekend two book-related stories caught my eye in The Sunday Times. First, Jamie Oliver’s book sales broke the £100 million mark, making him second only to JK Rowling (albeit by a still hefty margin). This struck me as something of a dog-bites-man story. Since The Naked Chef view...

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Re-reading - a double edged sword

Posted by Guy Pringle, 12th November 2010

Double-guessing the preferences and interests of newbooks readers for our March 2011 Readers Gathering has enlivened many coffee and tea breaks here at nb HQ. The nb crew are so widely read that the suggestions ranged from the exotic, to the esoteric, through to the extraordinary. But view...

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Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey . . .

Posted by Guy Pringle, 11th November 2010

Around the time The Searchers were trilling these inane lyrics (that I store in my grey cells for some unknown reason), you could still buy a chocolate bar called Fry's Five Boys. As I recall, each of the five segments was imprinted with a different smiling boy's face - or perhaps it was only view...

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The book selection for our next get together

Posted by Guy Pringle, 5th November 2010

As you may have seen from previous blogs about le Rieu, our very first Readers Gathering was an outstanding success – for which I am mightily relieved. Bringing together - for the very first time – a disparate group of people as a ‘reading group’ to engage on a view...

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