Libraries Day of Action coming up - Sat Feb 5th

Posted by Guy Pringle, 31st January 2011

These are difficult times for the world of libraries and our many friends therein. Thank heavens the great and the good seem to be galvanising some kind of mass reaction.   Ten days ago Philip Pullman gave an impassioned speech in Oxfordshire where the current plan is to close 20 of the view...

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Why am I buying books???

Posted by Guy Pringle, 27th January 2011

In reading group 1 the other day - or was it 2? – we got onto the ‘why buy books from bookshops when there’s Amazon, charity shops, friends to borrow from’ debate. And I surprised some of the others by railing slightly at all three.   I’ve left libraries off view...

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Luddite alert

Posted by Guy Pringle, 20th January 2011

You’d think a gadget boy like me would have jumped onto the Kindle/e-reader bandwagon by now, but no. Anything with an Apple logo on it has me drooling from the mouth and here at newbooks Towers my colleagues are amazed I haven’t found an excuse to buy an iPad yet.   But view...

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Good resolutions

Posted by Guy Pringle, 7th January 2011

I've had the good fortune to sneak away for some winter sun and found myself a quiet corner with a pile of books. So to get my journal entries off to a cracking start for 2011, I can already claim to have finished The Fountainhead/Ayn Rand – loved it although a little didactic in parts; view...

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