If the book were to vanish . . . ?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 21st October 2011

I was in my local IKEA recently and, having made my way through The Labyrinth, I descended through the Floor of Marketplace to the Great Hall of Warehouse. Having travelled this way more times than I care to remember, I was struck by a subliminal observation: Billy bookcases weren’t displayed view...

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Reverse publicity

Posted by Guy Pringle, 17th October 2011

The whole point of publicity is to raise awareness before an event. Obvious, yes? So it’s just as well I’m not claiming to be a publicist as it’s only when author Nina Bell sent me the following thank you note that I’ve thought to mention last Saturday’s view...

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Pyg, the Memoirs of a Learned Pig edited by Russell Potter

Posted by Guy Pringle, 13th October 2011

This is a brave piece of publishing by Canongate who are renowned for their willingness to tackle projects more cautious heads might let pass. Fortunately for them their track record is good – securing Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father way, way ahead of his success in the US view...

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Going Public - Private Rules of Reading

Posted by Madelaine Smith, 5th October 2011

“I can’t stop. I’ve started now.” “How complicated your life must be. All these rules you make for yourself. Couldn’t you break just this one just this once and not spoil Persuasion for yourself?”   It was this conversation in the book The Ready view...

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