Bargains at Lidl!

Posted by Guy Pringle, 28th February 2011

Pam Mayhew was kind enough to alert me to the following:   Hello Guy,   I was doing my weekly supermarket shop on Friday in Lidl and was browsing along the special offers of the week, when I came across paperback books for £1.49. Of course, I couldn't resist, but to my view...

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TV and books - why so hard?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 18th February 2011

I recently watched the TV Book Club for the first time but couldn’t understand why they’d decided to film it in the foyer of the Crossroads motel. And much as I approve of any media coverage that encourages reading and talking about books it did seem a motley crew of celebs. However, view...

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There, their or they're?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 16th February 2011

I've been gently taken to task by Liz Holliday: 'Hello,I was having a look at your website when I came across this - I think it's a typo, not a joke? "I mention the publisher because I had a rye smile when I saw them credited in the foreword of Andrea Levy's The Long Song as one of the 'best view...

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World Book Night taking off

Posted by Guy Pringle, 11th February 2011

newbooks subscriber Judy Gillespie in Fife wrote recently to let me know she was successful in the World Book Night lottery. For her book to distribute on 5th March she chose All Quiet on the Western Front. Her plan is to provide a set for history students at our local school and hand out others in view...

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The Verdict? Not quite ready yet.

Posted by Guy Pringle, 10th February 2011

We’ve been trying to get a new feature off the ground but early attempts have plunged head first back to earth. The Verdict is meant to recount the discussion a group has about a soon to be published book. So, not a review – although there would be a synopsis to start the spread and view...

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Relative values?

Posted by Guy Pringle, 4th February 2011

On the day before a national day of protest in the UK about library cuts it seemed eerie to read the following on the MobyLives blog  'In a week that’s been described as chaotic and now violent, the unrest in Egypt seems not to have given way to the large-scale looting of view...

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The lady apparently known as Barry Norman's wife

Posted by Guy Pringle, 1st February 2011

I was saddened to hear that Diana Norman has died aged 77, although slightly nonplussed that the BBC website felt they had to identify her as 'Barry Norman's novelist wife'! Diana was one of the guests at the first Readers Weekend I organised back in 2002 and a speaker at a Guildford Book Festival view...

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