We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo

Posted by Guy Pringle, 30th May 2013

The title is palpably wrong with a cast of delightfully named characters such as Bastard (11), Godknows, (10), Sbho (9) and Stina who doesn’t have a birth certificate. So we’re informed by our narrator, Darling (10) and not forgetting Chipo (11) who we learn in chapter one is pregnant. view...

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More about Ben Aaronovitch

Posted by Guy Pringle, 17th May 2013

I'm proof-reading the next issue and was pleased to concur with this letter from Diana Barnes which will be in Write Back!   "I was rather intrigued by the Ben Aaronovitch sample extract in nb72, and decided to start at the beginning of the series, so I have now read Rivers of London view...

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Nathan Davidson

Posted by Guy Pringle, 7th May 2013

Thanks to immense patience on Nathan's part I am delighted to announce that guisegifts.com is now officially open! Obviously, there are improvements to be made so I'd be grateful for your forebearance and please feel free to email me - guy.pringle [at] newbooksmag.com* so we can correct any view...

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Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

Posted by Guy Pringle, 3rd May 2013

For me this is comfort food or a warm blanket beside the fire – or better still a glass of Lucozade when I was a kid ‘cos it proved I really was ill.   Just the thought of Diggory Venn, Reddleman is enough to make the hairs do what they do. Each time I return to this book view...

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