Milner Hall, Winchester


On Saturday April 28th 2012 we held our first ever Readers Conference here in historic Winchester. Our venue was one of the city’s quiet gems; built in 1792 Milner Hall has a beautiful ambience. Delegates had a chance to mingle with other newbooks readers and reviewers, meet the newbooks team and listen to three exciting authors:   Katharine McMahonRJ Ellory and Veronica Henry.
Here are some of the comments we received after the event:

It was great to catch up with you, Guy, and to meet Alison and Madeleine. I very much enjoyed the conference - thank you for all the hard work in organising it. I thought all the speakers were varied and interesting, the refreshments tasty and the whole event very well Chaired by you Guy. Much appreciated that you kept us so well to time!


I hope that you will organise another conference before long and if so here is an idea for a session - a chance for attendees to get to know each other a bit and to share some reading experiences. I spoke to a couple of people in the tea queue (was interested to learn that they had travelled from South Yorkshire and Lancashire for the event) and to the lady next to me, but it would be great to chat about books etc to some more of the attendees and to get to know some of the other reviewers.

All best wishes,


Thank you for a very good day on Saturday. We particularly enjoyed the morning, the 3 authors were very interesting. The afternoon sessions were not quite so interesting and I think we would have liked more discussion about books and little bit less about writing reviews and the French retreat.


I had expected that we would have more opportunities to mingle and chat to the other delegates. Maybe next time the seating plan could be small groups of chairs around coffee tables instead of in rows. Also, I found it quite hard to hear at the back, especially when the speaker was sitting down, (my hearing is normal), so maybe a microphone next time please. Also, we were cold all day, so please, a warmer venue next time would be great.


Otherwise, loved it and will come again.


Best wishes


Museum Book Group, Worthing/Littlehampton

Can I pass on my thanks to you and the team for a very enjoyable day. I was very impressed with the way you kept to the timetable, almost spot on. And everything was interesting and a pleasure from the talks to the hospitality. For the price of £7.50 I went home with 4 books, to find my chosen book on the mat as well. Today is so appalling I shall certainly be spending some time reading.


I would patronise a Cafe in Winchester if you can get that going.


So many thanks



Thank you for organising the fabulous Readers Conference on Saturday. Both myself and Colin enjoyed the day.


We would have loved more of Roger as he was so fascinating. It would have been good for more opportunity to get to know the other reviewers but not sure where you could have squeezed it into an already packed day.


Brilliant and the only other thing to say is when is the next one?


Take care and once again Thank you for making it happen!


Marina Eames

Many thanks for a splendid day at Milner Hall. All the speakers were very interesting, Ellroy especially was formidably intelligent!


Thanks also for the Goodie Bag! Much appreciated. I thought the general feeling was that the subscribers love the mag and hope it will continue for a long time (so forget retirement!).


Keep on keeping on.




Thank you for having the hospitable gathering yesterday. I enjoyed every moment and found, in my 83rd year, new interests and learned a lot, as I am sure everyone present did. How lovely to share a cold wet day with, as you put it, the 'New Books Family'. On the front row, I heard and enjoyed it all.


Thank you,


Joyce Billcliffe

Thank you for the courtious manner with which I was received albeit two hours late on Saturday. I enjoyed the conference very much and it has enabled me to understand a little more what is involved in the production of 'New Books'.


I will have a piece about the gathering on my show 'The Open Page' broadcast on Black Diamond 107.8fm at 10pm to midnight on Tuesday (2/5/12). It can be received on the Internet just follow this lead http://www.blackdiamondfm.com/listen


Thank you for Saturday, it was great!


Best wishes to you all


Thank you so much for yesterday it was such a super day. I loved every minute of it - the Authors were very interesting as was learning about newbooks. All the people I met were friendly and as passionate about reading as I am. The organisation of the day was excellent thanks to you and your staff. Wow, a day I shall remember.


Jean Aberson