Things We Never Got Over Book 2 Release Date

Lucy Score, the author of the bestselling Things We Never Got Over series, is set to release her second novel in July.

The sequel will focus on Maggie and her new best friend Lucy.

This story will be the perfect pick-me-up for fans of the first book in the series.

Maggie Moves On

Maggie Moves On is the second book in the popular House Flipper series by Christina Lauren.

The series features an incredibly talented house flipper named Maggie Nichols.

She’s also a YouTube star and has made a name for herself as a talented house flipper.

In this book, Maggie lands in Kinship, Idaho to work on a house flip project.

She arrives with a small crew, including her only friend Dean.

Her new landscaper, Silas, is a man who knows her work and knows her place in the community.

While Silas is trying to woo Maggie, he ends up spending the entire book trying to do so.

This novel is a very funny novel, and it has some of the same characters as the first.

Maggie and Silas are friends with each other, but they also have other friends.

Their friendships help them form a family, albeit an imperfect one.

This novel is full of cameos from people who appear in other novels by Score.

Maggie’s career is built on moving on. The author explains how Maggie goes about doing this through her characters.

The characters are interesting and realistic. She has an engaging plot that keeps the reader guessing and wanting more.

She makes Maggie’s relationships with people believable, which makes them even more compelling.

Maggie Nichols has been a success on the Internet with her house flips.

She has a YouTube channel and is thriving on social media.

Her newest endeavor is a quaint Victorian mansion in which she restores, flips and creates YouTube content.

In the process, she meets handsome landscaper Silas Wright, who likes to work pantsless.

Ultimately, she and Silas fall in love, but first, she must come to terms with her past before moving forward.

This second installment of Maggie’s story follows the events of book one.

In the first book, the pair had a stillbirth, and when Maggie awoke, she had fallen into a coma.

Dylan, however, did not give up hope that she would come out of her coma.

But as the story progresses, Maggie is forced to face some shocking revelations and struggles to adjust to new realities.

Dylan and Maggie’s lives become increasingly complicated.

Despite their new circumstances, the two develop a strong friendship.

Lucy Score

The Things We Never Got Over series by Lucy Score is a bestselling series with a grumpy heroine and a sunny bad boy hero.

It’s a fun read with witty dialogue and characters you want to know more about.

It’s set in a small town in Virginia.

Knox Morgan is the local bad-boy hero and doesn’t put up with drama.

Christa Desir is the senior editor at Sourcebooks and has sold the rights for Things We Never Got Over to several foreign publishers, including Brazil, Serbia, and Hungary.

She has written more than 30 contemporary romance novels and is now expanding her horizons.

Her latest novel features a bad-boy barber named Knox and his wife Naomi.

Christa Desir

The Things we never got over book 2 by Christa Desir was a fast read that raises a lot of issues. It is a realistic novel with a dark side.

It’s also one that deals with issues such as rape culture and victim blaming.

The author clearly knows her stuff, which is why I enjoyed the book and recommend it to reluctant readers who like issue-driven books.

Christa Desir is an author of contemporary fiction for young adults.

She lives outside Chicago with her family.

She is an advocate for rape victims and has been involved in the fight against sexual violence for nearly twenty years.

She’s also a public speaker and founding member of the Voices and Faces Project, a non-profit that conducts survivor-based testimonial writing workshops internationally.

Christa Desir’s follow-up to Things We Never Got Over

After the phenomenal success of her debut novel, Things We Never Got Over, Christa Desir is back with another powerful story.

Her new novel, Twelve, is a YA novel about 17-year-old Natalie Spencer, who is two days away from rehab and two months post-DUI.

After a painful recovery from addiction and AA comradeship, Natalie realizes that she has feelings for her AA roommate, Joe.

Christa Desir’s follow-up novel is due out on January 12th from Simon Pulse.

Christa Desir is a YA author who has devoted her life to helping young adults overcome sexual violence.

She has worked as an advocate for rape victims for nearly two decades, has spoken at conferences, and worked as a hospital ER advocate.

She is also a founding member of the Voices and Faces Project, which conducts an international survivor-based testimonial writing workshop.

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